O3-DIN-SMI: SMI Module for Motorized Blinds

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The O3-DIN-SMI provides connectivity between your BACnet ® building automation 
system and Standard Motor Interface (SMI) motors installed on the same system.

O3-SMI: SMI Module

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As part of the O3 system, the SMI module provides connectivity between your BACnet® building automation system and SMI motor drives installed within the same system.

The SMI digital interface protocol is designed to automate blinds, roller shutters, and sun protection systems. SMI commands, queries, and status feedback are transmitted and received as telegrams between the controller and motors. The O3-DIN-SMI actuator works with both SMI mains voltage and SMI low voltage motors, however mains voltage and low voltage motors must not be mixed on a single SMI network.

The SMI module is compatible with O3 firmware version 4.5 or later.

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