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Mã thiết bị: DNS-24/C24/M24

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

Liên hệ: Mr Chương - 0983452446


The DNS-24 is a smart room sensor that can optimize user comfort while reducing energy consumption. It is a simple to install, and cost effective package for advanced, automated, control. With an LCD display and intuitive pushbutton interface, the DNS-24 communicates over an RS-485 LAN using BACnet® MS/TP or Delta’s LINKnet protocol.

The DNS-24 has multiple sensor options including temperature, humidity, motion, and a self-calibrating CO2 sensor.



The DNS-24 is suitable for a wide range of space sensing applications, from basic temperature sensing to indoor air quality and occupancy sensing.

The DNS-24 provides mechanical equipment controllers the information needed to drive advanced control algorithms, such as demand control ventilation, for optimum user comfort with minimum energy consumption.


Native BACnet firmware allows easy integration into any BACnet system

BACnet MS/TP or LINKnet communications

Multiple built-in sensor options: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and occupancy

Self calibrating CO2 sensor

Programmable (via GCL+ over network), LCD display

4 Programmable buttons (via GCL+ over network)

Derived Network Addressing (DNA) for simple integration into a standard network architecture

Optional terminal block2 for wiring a remote thermistor to the temperature input

Service port

Firmware upgrade3 and database load/ save over the network


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Application Specific Controller



3-value and various icons (96 total seg

ments) with optional backlighting2 Push Buttons

4 stylized momentary push buttons Temperature Sensor

Thermistor input - 10kΩ at 77°F (25°C) Accuracy: ± 0.36°F from 32-158°F

(± 0.2°C from 0-70°C)

Display resolution of 0.1°

Stability 0.24°F over 5 years (0.13°C) Humidity Sensor (Optional)

Accuracy: ± 3% RH from 20% -80%

RH(linearized accuracy of ± 3% to ± 5%

from 0-20% and 80-100% RH) Display Resolution of 0.1% Stability of < 0.5% RH/yr (typical) CO2 Sensor (Optional)

Dual Beam, Self Calibrating NDIR

Range: 0-2000 ppm Accuracy @77°F (25°C):

± 50ppm + 2% of value Temperature Dependence:

1 ppm/ °F (2ppm/°C) typical Pressure Dependence:

0.13% of reading per mm Hg Stability: 20 ppm/year (typical)

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