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Mã thiết bị: DNT-VAV-DG1

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The DNT-VAV-DG1 package is a Native BACnet™ Advanced Application Specific Controller designed for single duct VAV applications. It consists of an intelligent LCD thermostat (DNT-T103) for control and BACnet MS/TP communication, and a remote termination module (DTM-VAV-DG1) for sensing and actuation.

The thermostat has an LCD display, four push buttons for setpoint and occupancy override, and contains a configurable VAV algorithm suitable for controlling the remote termination module. This module, which is designed to mount on the side of the VAV box, comes complete with a damper actuator, flow sensor, and housing. It also has termination points for optional control of a fan or a single stage of auxiliary reheat.



The DNT-VAV-DG1 is suitable for networked or

stand-alone VAV boxes of the following types: —Single duct, cooling only
—Single duct, cooling, one-stage digital reheat —Single duct, cooling, one-stage time proportioned

—Single duct, cooling, one-stage PWM reheat —Single duct, cooling only, intermittent parallel fan


—Native BACnet firmware
—BACnet MS/TP communications (DNT-T103) —Micro-processor based LCD thermostat —Integrated housing with damper assembly —Field configured VAV algorithms
—Simple air balancing and commissioning with the

thermostat keypad
—True differential pressure sensor
—Reliable, industry standard actuator —Terminal strip for connecting to the DNT-T103 —Service port


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Advanced Application Specific

Controller (B-ASC)

Combined Power Requirements

(Termination Module and Thermostat)

24 VAC

48 VA maximum with fully loaded BO’s Wiring Class

Class 2 Ambient

32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C)
10 - 90% RH (non-condensing)
Termination Module - DTM-VAV-DG1


The DNT-VAV-DG1 can be ordered with

either a Siemens or a Belimo Actuator


44 in-lbs. (nominal torque)

Less than 35 db (A) noise level


35 in-lbs. (nominal torque)

Less than 35 db (A) noise level

Differential Pressure

0-1” H2O (0-248.8 Pa)


Flow sensor tubing must be 5/32” inside

diameter Dimensions

7 5/8 x 4 x 1 7/8 in. (19.2 x 10.2 x

4.8 cm) with housing

0.551 lb. (250 g) with housing

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