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Mã thiết bị: DNS-14

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

Liên hệ: Mr Chương - 0983452446


The DNS-14 is an intelligent room sensor with a 3-digit, seven segment, LCD display, capable of displaying a wide-range of digital or analog values, including setpoints, temperature, air flow, heating and cooling status, fan speed, valve and damper position, and more.

The DNS-14 communicates on Delta’s LINKnet network or directly on a BACnet MS/TP network. When connected to a Delta Controller, on a LINKnet network, the DNS-14 provides programmable remote sensor capabilities. When connected on the BACnet MS/TP network, it functions as an independent BACnet sensor device.



For use in diverse applications that require one or

more low cost, programmable sensors. 


—Native BACnet™ firmware
—BACnet MS/TP or LINKnet communications —Built-in 10k½ thermistor
—Programmable 3-digit LCD display (via GCL+ over

—4 programmable buttons (via GCL+ over LINKnet) —Derived Network Addressing (DNA) for simple

integration into a standard network architecture



3-digit (7 segment characters)

Push Buttons

4 momentary push buttons with tactile feedback

Temperature Sensor

Thermistor Input: 10k½ @ 77°F (25°C)

Accuracy of +/- 0.36 ºF from 32 - 158 ºF (+/- 0.2 ºC from 0 - 70 ºC)

Display resolution of 0.1°

Stability of 0.24°F over 5 yrs. (0.13°C)


8-bit processor with internal A/D, Flash and RAM

Device Type

Can be configured as a LINKnet or Subnet device

Device Addressing

Set via keypad

Communications Port

BACnet MS/TP @ 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800 bps(default), (maximum of 99 devices per BACnet MS/TP segment) or Delta LINKnet@ 76800 bps


Screw-type terminal connectors

Wiring Class

Class 2

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