Cảm biến nồng độ khí CO BA/420CO-1-ND-EUO

Liên hệ

Mã thiết bị: BA/420CO-1-ND-EUO

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

Liên hệ: Mr Chương - 0983452446

Features & Options

l Long Life Electrochemical Sensor

l High Accuracy at Low Concentrations

l Optional LCD Display

l Rugged Housing with Mounting Tabs for Easy Installation l Two Year Warranty

DELTA’s Carbon Monoxide Sensor offers enhanced, long life electrochemical sensing with outstanding accuracy at low concentrations. The sensor has a range of 1-100 PPM or 1-300 PPM of Carbon Monoxide with a resolution of 1 PPM and a linear output of 4-20 mA. The unit also features a robust

enclosure and is available with or without LCD display. 


Range: 1-100 PPM CO (normal range) or 1-300 PPM CO (optional) Voltage requirement: 12-27 VDC (non-display) or 14-27 VDC (with display) Signal output: 4-20 mA, 2-wire, loop powered
Sensor type: Electrochemical cell
Enclosure Material: UV-resistant plastic
Resolution: 1 PPM on display,

Infinite on 4-20 mA loop Accuracy: ±5 PPM (combination of linearity,

temperature, drift and repeatability)

Response time:

90%: Less than 40 seconds @ 25°C Environmental Operating Range:

Temperature: -20°C to 40°C (non-display) -10°C to 40°C (with display)

Humidity: 15-90% RH (constant) 0-98% RH (intermittent

Cảm biến nồng độ khí CO

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