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Mã thiết bị: eBX

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

Liên hệ: Mr Chương - 0983452446

Expansion Modules: eBX-04/eBX-08


The enteliBUSTM Expander (eBX) is used for I/O expansion. Each Expander supports up to 8 I/O Modules (eBM-xxx). One Expander Module is required for each Backplane.

The eBX comes bundled with an Expander Backplane. Expander Backplanes come in two sizes supporting up to 4 or 8 I/O Modules each. Connectors on the ends of each Backplane allow up to 8 Backplanes to be connected together, and controlled from a single enteliBUS Automation Engine (eBCON or eBMGR).



The enteliBUS Control System is made up of multiple modular components that you select to meet the exact needs of a wide range of HVAC and Access control applications.

The enteliBUS Expander with associated I/O Modules provides cost effective, modular I/O expansion capabilities. For large single systems, centralizing I/O provides better control by simplifying engineering, programming, and commissioning.


— Modular, expandable I/O

— Up to 8 Expanders/Backplanes on a single Automation Engine (eBMGR or eBCON)

— Each Expander + Backplane can support up to 4 or 8 I/O Modules (depending on Backplane used)

— Auto detecting & hot swappable I/O Modules

— LED status indications of power, module status, and communication bus activity

— Snap fit, no tools required to add/ remove modules

— Small footprint, DIN rail mountable

— Modular design provides flexibility, ease of service, and reduced cost for future upgrades 


Device Addressing

eBUS address set via rotary switch


Removable screw-type terminal connector for power

Wiring Class

Class 2 / SELV



3VA, 100VA max with fully loaded I/O Modules*

*eBX supplies power for up to 8 I/O Modules connected to the Backplane.


0° to 55°C (32° to 131°F)

10 - 95% RH (non-condensing)



12.6 x 14.4 x 10.0 cm (5.0 x 5.7 x 4.0“)

eBX -08

12.6 x 23.4 x 10.0 cm (5.0 x 9.3 x 4.0”)

*Dimensions given are for eBX package with associated Backplane.


Backplane: Snap mounts to standard 35mm DIN rail

eBX: Snap mounts to Backplane & DIN rail assembly

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