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Standard Features Single or Dual Action Wire head Connections Gold Plated Alarm Contacts ...

Standard Features

Single or Dual Action

Wire head Connections

Gold Plated Alarm Contacts

Surface or Weatherproof Backbox

Optional Auxiliary Alarm Contacts

Optional Station Colors

Combined with the VF5663 or VF5608 to provide an addressable interface to the Elite SLC loop


The VF3033 and VF3034 are versatile, high- quality, metal Fire Alarm Pull Stations designed to meet any installation demand.

Available in both single (VF3033) and dual action (VF3034) configurations. VF3021 and VF3022 pull stations are integrated with the analog single contact module to provide a simple-to-install addressable pull station. The normally open contact of each station, which closes when the pull station is activated, is rated for 1 Amp, 30VDC. The contacts are gold plated to avoid risk of corrosion.

All VF3033 and VF3034 models have been tested by UL and found in compliance to the latest requirements of the American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA). VF3033 / VF3034 stations from VES are available with key reset. Key reset models are available for interchangeable keys. All models mount on a standard, single gang backbox, VES VF3007-10 interior surface metal backbox or model VF3008-10 weatherproof backbox interior surface metal backbox or model VF3008-10 weatherproof backbox.

Product Overview

The VF3033 and VF3034 series pull stations are operated by pulling the handle marked “PULL” on the front of the station as far down as it will go. At that point, the station will lock in place and is easily visible from up to 50 feet. The activation handle is reset by opening the station with the hex wrench or key, placing the handle in the normal upright position and relocking the station.

On the dual action, the push bar rotates inward allowing the “PULL” handle to be grasped and operated by a single hand. When used with the VF6001 Fast Response Contact Module, each addressable contact monitoring module is programmed with its own unique Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop address.

Up to 126 devices can be placed on the Elite SLC loop. The module supervises the wiring to the contact with an End Of Line (EOL) resistor. It can be programmed to monitor normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts. If a fault condition occurs in the wiring, the module sends a trouble status signal to the fire alarm control panel. When a change of status is sensed by the fast response contact module, it sends an interrupt to the control panel indicating that an alarm has occurred.

After addressing, Manual Pull Stations are fully configurable through Loop Explorer. 


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