Đầu báo nhiệt cố định địa chỉ VF5602-00

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Standard Features Compatible with Elite and Elite RS control panels 5 operating modes ...

Standard Features

Compatible with Elite and Elite RS control


5 operating modes

Fits into addressable 4” bases or 6” E-Z Fit


Addressable sounder alarm base

Address is set by X-Pert card and stored in


User memory

Alarm flag for fast alarm reporting

Fixed point or rate of rise function


Bases and cards are not included with Sensors, please order separately.


The VF5602 Discovery Heat Sensor has a common profile with the ionization and photo smoke Sensor, but has a low air flow resistance case made of self extinguishing white polycarbonate.

The VF5602 Analog Addressable Thermal Sensors are designed to provide the highest effectiveness by utilizing the latest technology. The sensor is designed for operation with the Elite addressable

fire alarm control panels.


The VF5602 Heat Sensor uses a single thermistor to sense the air temperature at the detector position. The thermistor is connected in a resistor network, which produces a voltage output dependent on the temperature. The design of
the resistor network, together with processing algorithm in the micro-controller, gives an approximately linear characteristic from 50°F to 176°F. This line-arised signal is further processed, depending on the response mode selected, and converted to an analog output. A detector may be given an “R” or “S” suffix. The “R” suffix indicated that the Sensor has been shown to have a rate
of rise characteristic. Such a Sensor will still
give a rapid response even when starting from
an ambient temperature well below its typical application temperature.

This type of Sensor is therefore suitable for areas such as unheated warehouses in which ambient temperature may be very low for long periods. The “S” suffix indicates that the Sensor will not respond below its minimum static response temperature even when exposed to high rates of rise of air temperature. This type is therefore suitable for areas such as kitchens and boiler rooms where large, rapid temperature changes

are considered normal.


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