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Mã thiết bị: DAC-1146/1146E

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

Liên hệ: Mr Chương - 0983452446


The DAC-1146 is a fully programmable, Native BACnet® Advanced Application Controller that either communicates on Twisted-Pair Ethernet 10-BaseT using BACnet IP and BACnet over Ethernet or an RS-485 LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. It is designed for a wide-range of applications that have medium local I/O requirements. It also supports BACstats and other Delta LINKnet devices.



The DAC-1146 is suitable for controlling various packaged units and equipment with medium I/O requirements such as small Air Handling Units, Boilers, and Chillers.

The fully programmable DAC-1146 can be tailored to specific applications by creating and modifying BACnet objects and GCL+ programs.


Native BACnet firmware

Fully programmable in GCL+

BACnet MS/TP communications (DAC-1146), BACnet/IP and BACnet Ethernet (DAC-1146E)

Super Capacitor for real-time clock and SRAM backup (requires no maintenance) on DAC-1146E

Supports 10 BACstat network sensors on LINKnet for room sensing and control, or 2 Delta Field Modules on LINKnet for I/O expansion

Actuator power terminal (24VAC) for each analog output (can be powered internally or from an auxiliary transformer)

Firmware upgrade and database load/ save over the network

Supports Modbus capability via flash loading in the field

Service port

Screw or DIN rail mountable


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)


11 Universal inputs - 10 bit (supporting 0-5v, 0-10v, 10kΩ, 4-20mA)


6 Binary TRIAC outputs (jumper configured for internal or external power)

4 Analog outputs (0-10v)

LED status indication of each output


32-bit processor
1 MB Flash memory
127 KB SRAM memory for database LED indication of CPU and SCAN status

DAC-1146E 32-bit processor

2 MB Flash memory
319 KB SRAM memory for database LED indication of CPU and SCAN status Real-time clock
Super Capacitor for 72-hour backup of realtime clock and SRAM

Device Addressing

Set via DIP switch and jumpers, or software setup

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