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BAPI: Sản xuất cảm biến HVAC

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The BAPI staff in October, 2013

Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI) is a premier sensor manufacturer for HVAC/R. Specializing in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wireless and air quality monitoring.

A History of Business Success

Over the past 26 years BAPI has forged a place in the HVAC/R industry, with their area of expertise focused on advanced sensor technology for HVAC & R applications. Originating in Cross Plains, WI in 1993, BAPI’s first facility was literally conducted out of a small two-car garage. Today, BAPI serves customers around the globe from their 50,000 sq foot facility based in rural southwestern Wisconsin. BAPI continues the “…it’s in the details” tradition, using the highest quality sensing elements paired with state of the art manufacturing, meticulous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure a reliable product time after time.

The BAPI Difference

In addition to our exceptional people, BAPI uses only the highest quality sensing elements and meticulous manufacturing, testing and quality assurance procedures. Here are a few of the extra steps that we take to make sure that our products set the standard for accuracy and reliability.

  • 100% Testing at Every Step – Each and every BAPI product is tested at multiple stages in the manufacturing process using custom designed fixtures and computer aided procedures.
  • NIST Traceable Precision Instruments – Product testing and calibration is conducted with precision Instrumentation and state-of-the-art Environmental Chambers, all of which are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.
  • Computer Aided Production Stations – Every production station features a large computer monitor and access to a wealth of resources on the BAPI network including product specific build documents, schematics and 3-D renderings to assure that each product is built to our engineering specs.
  • CE Certified & RoHS Compliant – BAPI holds itself to a higher standard with CE certification on select models of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. BAPI is also committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and complies with the European Union’s RoHS directive.

Environmental Conservation

BAPI is committed to energy conservation and environmental friendly approaches to conducting business.  Examples of this include repurposing corrugate for flexible dunnage and repurposing cartons for re-shipments. BAPI also utilizes sensors and timers within its facility to reduce energy with office lights and television monitors. In addition, in 2018, BAPI installed a solar panel array consisting of 288 solar modules, expecting to deliver up to 27% of BAPI’s power demands, thus reducing our carbon footprint and taking great strides to conserve energy. BAPI continues to explore additional methods to develop clean power, reduce waste and conserve energy.

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