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DESCRIPTION ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters provide accurate mass flow measurement of natural gas, compressed air and other industrial gases....


ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass

Flow Meters provide accurate mass flow measurement of natural gas, compressed air and other industrial gases. The proprietary sensor design measures mass flow directly and does not require additional pressure or temperature compensation to deliver accurate flow data.

The F-5100 is available as an inline or an insertion style meter. Both are provided with a bright, easy-to-read display and include a 4-20 mA output for flow rate with a separate pulse output for totalizing flow. 


• Natural Gas • Other Combustible Gases

• Compressed Air • Industrial Gases



Natural Gas / Propane Gas
± 1.0% of reading from 500 – 7000 SFPM ± 2.0% of reading from 100 – 500 SFPM

Compressed Air & other high velocity calibrations ± 1.0% of reading + 0.5% of scale over a

100:1 turndown OVERALL FLOW RANGE


Thermal mass flow utilizing hybrid analog/digital

sensing circuitry PIPE SIZE RANGE

Insertion style - 1” through 24” nominal diameter Inline style - ¼” through 4” nominal diameter



24 VDC ±10%, 100 mA maximum current Optional

90-265 VAC 50/60 Hz

12 VDC ±10%, 200 mA maximum current



Every ONICON flow meter is wet calibrated in a flow laboratory against standards that are directly traceable to N.I.S.T. A certificate of calibration accompanies every meter.


Excellent Long Term Reliability -

ONICON thermal mass flow meters employ a low maintenance, non-moving parts technology to sense flow and are generally unaffected by debris in the flow stream.

Highly Accurate Over A Wide Operating Range -

Our proprietary hybrid analog/digital sensing circuitry is very stable and yet highly responsive to changes
in flow. This stable yet responsive design allows for accurate flow measurement over a very wide operating range (over 1000:1 for the inline version). It also makes the meter ideal for measuring low flow rates.

Provides For Field Validation Of Calibration -
The F-5100 continuously displays a special calibration value that provides a fast, easy way to confirm that the calibration is valid.

Inline Meters are Provided With Built-in Flow Conditioners -

Flow conditioners are built in to all ½” through
4” diameter inline meters. The flow conditioner significantly reduces overall straight run requirements for installation.

Insertion Meters Can Be Installed Without Interrupting Gas Service* -

ONICON’s hot tap design allows for installation without interruption to the gas service. The meter can also be removed for service without disrupting flow.

Excellent Value -
ONICON insertion style meters are

accurate, easy-to-use and reliable. They are also priced independently of pipe size. This makes them an excellent value, particularly in larger diameter pipes.

* See note on next page.

The optional D-100 Flow Display provides a local indication of rate and total and a network interface for BACnet, MODBUS, LonWorks, JCI - N2, or Siemens - P1 FLN networks.

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