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DSM-WRL: Wireless Temperature System

The DSM-WRL is a fully programmable, Native BACnet™ Building Controller, designed to implement temperature monitoring systems without the need for running wires. The DSM-WRL acts as a gateway, translating information from wireless temperature sensors into BACnet analog input (AI) objects that reside in the gateway controller, which can then be accessed by the rest of the BACnet network.


The Delta Controls wireless temperature system consists of battery powered transmitter-based temperature sensors that continually monitor ambient temperature, and transmit via a robust 900 MHz spread spectrum RF communications protocol to a wireless receiver. The receiver transfers this information to the DSMWRL, which then updates the AI objects.

The DSM-WRL also features an LCD with keypad that can be used as a stand-alone interface to adjust set-points.

The SubLAN may be configured to support Delta BACstats and other Delta LINKnet I/O devices.

The small, lightweight transmitters install quickly and easily using double-sided tape or a screw-mounted wall plate.

Multiple, line-powered intelligent repeaters can be used to extend the range of the RF signal for larger sites. These line-powered repeaters transmit at a higher power for long distance transmitting through buildings and vegetation.

The DSM-WRL’s primary application is monitoring. It should not be used as an input for critical control loops (for example Cooling Tower).


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)



Large font 4-digit display for time, object value

or units
Small font 4-digit display for time or units

12-digit display for object names, menu

commands and options
10 display icons represent different functions Backlighting

4 buttons Security door Technology

32 bit processor
1MB (8 megabit) Flash memory 319 KB SRAM for database Real-time clock with Lithium battery

for SRAM backup CPU status LED

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