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Mã thiết bị: eZFC-424R4-24

Hãng sản xuất: Delta Controls

Xuất xứ: Canada

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Fan Coil Controller: eZFC-424R4-24


The eZFC-424R4-24 is a native BACnet® configurable controller optimized for fan coil applications. The eZFC features line voltage relays for direct switching of fan motor loads eliminating the need for external relays.

The eZFC communicates using BACnet MS/TP on its RS-485 main LAN port. It also has a RS-485 subLAN port for the optional addition of a BACstat smart network sensor.



The eZFC-424R4 covers a wide range of fan coil configurations including multi-speed fan control, 2 pipe or 4 pipe systems with analog, tri-state, binary or thermal valve actuator(s).

The eZFC-424R4 comes pre-loaded with a simple to configure factory algorithm.  


Native BACnet firmware allows easy integration into any BACnet system

Local scheduling, trending and alarming support

Easy to configure factory algorithm covering common fan coil configurations

3 interlocked line voltage relays for direct control of multi-speed fans plus 1 line voltage auxiliary relay

4 TRIAC outputs for tri-state, binary or thermal valve actuation

2 analog outputs for analog valve actuation

Service port for convenient field access

Firmware upgrade and database load/ save over the network

Screw or DIN rail mountable


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)


4 Universal Inputs (12 bit), software configurable for:



10KΩ Thermistor

Dry Contact (using 10K setting)


3 interlocked relays for fan speed control

120 VAC: 5.8 FLA / 34.8 LRA

240 VAC: 2.9FLA / 17.4 LRA

277 VAC: 2.4 FLA / 14.4 LRA

1 SPST NO Auxiliary Relay

277 VAC, 10A (resistive)

4 TRIAC Outputs

24 VAC, 0.5A max (each)

(Switching external power)

2 Analog Outputs

0-10VDC @ 20mA (each)


ARM Cortex M3 CPU

Communication Ports

RS-485 NET1
BACnet MS/TP @ 38400 or 76800 bps (default)

RS-485 NET2
LINKnet @ 76800 bps (for addition of BACstat® smart network sensor)

Device Addressing

Set via DIP switch, or software

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